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Shandong Cross-Boder E-Commerce Association (SCBECA for short), 4A social organization certified by China Social Organization Grade ……


We regularly carry out policy interpretation, expertise consultation, industrial training, high-level forum, business visit,international exhibition……


Municipal representative offices: Jinan Office, Qingdao Office, Zibo Office, Zaozhuang Office, Dongying Office, Yantai Office, Weifang Office……


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On January 18, the Information Office of the Shandong Provincial Government held a press conference to introduce Shandong's economic and social operations i
  On December 7, 2021, Qin Changling, President of Shandong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, Secretary-General Lu Yaping, and Deputy Secretary-General Yin
  On January 18, the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to introduce Shandong Province’s economic and social oper
  New start, new start, new atmosphere. In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", with the establishment of a new development pattern as the "outline",
  On the afternoon of June 5th, the Shandong Cross-border E-commerce Industry and Education Alliance organized a seminar on the innovation and development of
  On May 15th, the Provincial Department of Commerce held a provincial video conference on the "Docking Alibaba 1688 platform and Hema Xiansheng to help forei

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